So what is Pureso Disinfectant and Odor-eliminator and how is it different from other Disinfectants?

Pureso Disinfectant and Odor-eliminator products are the world's safest disinfectant and odor eliminator that man has ever made. It is 100% biodegradable and safe and can be used as a multi-purpose anti-bacterial, odor-eliminator, and grease cutter on almost anything. From Surfaces, Clothing, Cars, Household items, Groceries, and even pets, the Pureso Disinfectant and odor-eliminator products can be used anywhere whenever there's a need to disinfect and deodorize in your home, office, manufacturing or industrial plants, schools, transportation, churches and more.

Unlike the other disinfectants which are alcohol and chlorine-based(like bleach), it is far way safer and more gentle to humans, animals, and plants but tough on germs, viruses, extreme odors, and mildews. It is also safe even in prolong use and does not harm your skin and internal organs with too much exposure unlike the other alcohol-based and chlorine-based disinfectants which can result in health problems with everyday exposure. Also, it does not corrode or deteriorate any surfaces regardless of its material unlike the other disinfectants which can discolorize or deteriorate objects.

Pureso Disinfectant and Odor-eliminator products are crafted and formulated according to your needs for disinfection, sanitation, cleaning, and eliminating unpleasant odors.


Pureso Disinfectant and Odor-eliminator solution were confirmed with several independent laboratory tests done by prestigious Physico-chemical and microbiology laboratories locally and abroad.

INTERTEK, a UK-based "global" laboratory that provides laboratory testing and certification services for clients in a wide range of industries performed the tests in Manila and Singapore of our proprietary solution.



So what's inside Pureso Disinfectants and Odor-eliminators?

The Pureso proprietary solution laboratory test results showed that it consists of polyphenols and minerals. It was proven that there are no traces of any toxic metals or chemicals were detected. The outcome of the testing confirms that it is truly safe for humans, pets, aqua-life, plants, or any type of food. It's as safe as water to humans and only dangerous to pathogenic organisms, bacteria and viruses.

The tests showed that Pureso proprietary solution contained appreciable amounts of mineral elements like Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc.

Our proprietary solution is mainly extracted from fruits and plant stems with rich polyphenol contents. Previous researches of experts established the fact that polyphenols and other phytochemicals in plants are most concentrated in the stem and their leaves in which our disinfectant and odor-eliminator products were purely made of.



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