Ang mga tao kasi hinahanap ang amoy ng bleach or alcohol para masabi mong malinis. Di nila alam na ang bleach eh nagcause ng corrosion ng mga gamit sa bahay(magfade ang color) and nakakasama sa skin and internal organs pag exposed ka everyday. Pureso redefined the way of disinfection and odor-elimination. Yung disinfectant nila sobrang safe, I even used it on my groceries and even perishable items like vegetables.

Dave T.

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We love the environment the same as you do and we wanted to contribute on the environmental preservation efforts while we are in the industry. We create our products with conscience and ensures that it will not harm the environment by utilizing abundant and sustainable natural resources only.


All our products are guaranteed ethical, cruelty-free, and synthetic fragrance-free! - Unlike the others who focus on cost-savings on production by patronizing synthetic raw materials which compromises quality and ethical product innovation.

Pureso Company aims to transform your ordinary home and personal care products into a unique, all-natural, sustainable, and effective innovations. We would like to make the world a better and healthier place to live by providing natural and eco-friendly personal and health care products directly to consumers, that are effective yet affordable for everyone.

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We also aim to help small business owners in the community by providing them ways to earn from home. We don't supply big retail outlet stores even with attractive offers to protect our small business partners, especially during the pandemic.

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Skeptical ako at first kasi when i first heard disinectant na walang bleach or alcohol? SO ANONG KLASE YUN? Until I tried their products na disinfectant. Unang gamit pa lang alam mo na agad na malinis kasi nawala ang amoy ng kotse ko at ng pets ko(both aso at pusa). I also researched & found out na POLYPHENOLS is the nature's disinfectant given to mankind na gamit ng Pureso. Di lang natin alam kasi nasanay tayo sa bleach at alcohol.

Nawala ang amoy ng pets ko pati ang putty area nila. Kahit sa kotse ko na amoy kulob nawala din. Grabe kakaiba yung product nila na disinfectants. Akala ko nung una tubig lang na may fragrance oil pero hindi pala. Amoy mo ang difference in less than a minute.

Marami silang products na natural and organic. I tried yung toothpastes nila na Dabur brand, ibang klase. DI ako makapaniwala na mura kasi super high quality and effective sa family. Nawala yung bleeding gums at singaw ng anak ko. Try ko naman subukan yung skin and hair care products next time.

Emma DG

Dr. Elisa T.

Keisha G.

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